Bridges to Wholeness

Bridges to Wholeness

Using MPOWR, a data-driven collaborative model for addressing poverty and related social issues

Author: Al Barsema with Gillian King-Cargile

Publication date: December 11, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-938248-53-5

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Al Barsema, founder of MPOWR, teamed-up with Phil DeVol, co-founder of Bridges Out of Poverty, to create a better way to address poverty.

MPOWR is a person-centered, technology-based data system and Bridges Out of Poverty is a set of constructs and tools that are applied at the individual, organizational, and community levels. Together they help supporting organizations and communities share information, monitor collective impacts, and verify and report results for individuals in poverty. This book describes how to use this collaborative, data-based model to support the whole person.

Publisher: aha! Process
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Al Barsema with Gillian King-Cargile